What's on your mind?

What's on your mind

This is a place to post comments, photos, whatever...about growing up in the Hialeah Area...or anything else that is on your mind. In the past, we've been using our individual webpages for this purpose, but now we have a dedicated forum on our website. Please note that this forum is "not secure" and that comments you make are available to anyone that visits this website.   Vince "Vinny" Rusinak

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09/10/18 03:57 PM #16    


Ray Valdez

Join us at Ormand Beach Round-up for Group Therapy


09/19/18 04:01 PM #17    


Sergio Siller

Well fellow T-Breds, the Roundup in Destin of 15-17 September 2018 has come to an end and it was much too soon for many of us. However, we are all looking forward to making that next Roundup! I have just posted 16 photos of our time together this past weekend under the Local Roundup Photos section.  Our thanks to Chris and Jan Smith who came from Charlotte, NC (furthest?) for providing those photos.  There will be more to be shared by the other attendees via a weblink(s) to help keep our website manageable.  We would also like to thank the following for making our time in Destin an enjoyable one, catching up with old friends and making new ones, 1) Pat Pierce, a long-time resident for being our local host, who worked with the Hampton Inn to obtain great, affordable accommodations and suggesting some great places to visit, things to do and excellent places to eat, 2) Bill Coffeen for making arrangements for a personal tour guide to take us on a private tour of the nearby Coffeen Nature Preserve (Who knew he had one in his family? - the Preserve, not the guide!) with its historic WWII rocket-related history and pristine 50+ acre lake and to 3) Ray Valdez for being our “pro” class photographer whose photos we expect to be seeing upon his return back home (we’ll also let him share his story of his connection to the Destin area if he wishes).   

09/23/18 09:11 PM #18    


Bill Coffeen

We just finished the Destin Round Up ... what fun!

Thanks to Sergio Siller and Pat Pierce for making this “Destin” Annual Round Up work each year.

... and we have the Ormond Beach Winter Round Up growing each year.

These area Round Ups are fun and easier to put together than the big Reunions every few years.


So I am asking for a show of hands for an “Out West Reunion” so we can include our classmates in California, Montana, Arizona, Colorado, etc that deserve one a little closer to home.

Thinking September in Colorado Spring when Colorado Aspens are bright yellow and there is so much to do and see,


What do you Think?


Bill Coffeen

10/01/18 07:46 PM #19    


Ray Valdez

I'm all in.....I have family and a special friend That lives in Colorado




10/02/18 01:15 PM #20    


Christopher "Chris" Smith

Jan and I are also interested

10/02/18 09:30 PM #21    


Sergio Siller

Thanjs Chris/Ray, your posts reminded me that we would be interested to "go west" as well. BTW, I have a keen interest in determining if all those missing Hialeah flamingos actually were placed into witness protection in Colorado! Colorado Springs in to be specific! πŸ˜†

10/04/18 02:02 PM #22    


Ray Valdez

                              about the flamingos you may be right they were Cuban

10/05/18 12:21 PM #23    


Bill Stewart

I would be interested in an “Out West” get together. My wife and I live in Scottsdale Arizona. 

11/17/18 08:53 PM #24    


Vince "Vinny" Rusinak

I feel it’s time to put a little spark back into our class website. We need to make some changes that will increase our website’s stickiness…content of interest to everyone…so that you will want to check back in fairly often. I have a few ideas, but would greatly appreciate your ideas.

One way you can add “stickiness” is to add photos of yourself, your family, what you’re doing today, and even photos you took when you lived in Hialeah. to your personal webpage.  We have recently added a ton of storage capacity so with this new capacity we are currently only using about 5% of our available photo storage space.  Don’t be concerned about the size of your photos you want to add. For example, if you were to add say a 3 MB photo, the website will automatically reduce it down to about 100 KB.  You can also add videos; however, you’ll need to first post them on YouTube or Vimeo and then provide the link to your video.  

Another way to increase “stickiness” is to increase the number of classmate users. To date we have 277 of the approximately 1100 living classmates who have joined our class website. When you do the math, only 25% of our classmates have joined. We encourage you to invite classmates with whom you communicate, that are not already members, to join our class website. There is no charge to belong to our class website. Members can participate as much or as little as they wish. And I know of no personal information that has ever been provided to third parties from the website.

Finally, if you don’t feel you have any ideas, suggest that you visit the websites of the classes who were at Hialeah High School during the time were there and check out what they are doing:




http://hialeahhigh.com  (this is the class of 1966 webpage)

If you wish to join any or all of these websites, click on “Contact Us” on their Home Page and simply tell them you want to join their website.  If you do join their websites, I’m sure you’ll find a feature or two that you like that maybe others would like as well. 

Please use this “What’s on your mind?” forum to present your ideas about our class website…or just to let us know “What’s on your mind?”

Looking forward to hearing from all of you…and to see your photos being added to your personal webpages.

Vince (Vinny) Rusinak

12/11/18 01:07 PM #25    


Ray Valdez

12/11/18 01:17 PM #26    


Ray Valdez

My  Vacation

12/12/18 04:38 PM #27    

Bonnie Porth (Coffeen)

I like the “What’s on your mind” use by Classmates to post ... Pictures and Comments about : 1 Vacations and Travel Pictures 2. Current Pictures 3. Old Pictures 4. Military Pictures 5. Career Pictures 6. Do you Remenber Pictures 7. Hobby Pictures ... etc.         I got involved with all of you again at the Sarasota ReUnion ... I wanted to see you again ... to hear your stories ... to renew friendships ... make new friends ... this section helps me know you better ... I seldom log in to the Website ... but when something pops up concerning news or one of your activities I will dig back in ... I have to change settings on my IPad or Computer to log in because I block cookies.      So when I get the email like the one on Ray’s Vacation ... it makes a connection.








12/12/18 04:40 PM #28    

Bonnie Porth (Coffeen)

Opps ... those comments were from me ... Bill Coffeen .... Bonnie is still here as cute as ever ... but she is in the kitchen ...

12/12/18 04:49 PM #29    

Bonnie Porth (Coffeen)

12/12/18 04:54 PM #30    

Bonnie Porth (Coffeen)

I was on a Chamber of Commerce Trip to Canadian Rockies ... don’t know why this keeps referencings Bonnies Account? ... Bill Coffeen

12/12/18 07:14 PM #31    


Bill Coffeen

12/13/18 11:08 AM #32    


Jennifer Dennis (Munro)

I know most of my fellow Tbreds are retiring and enjoying the good life but I just cannot NOT do what I do. So I just published a book and wanted to let you know. Since you have free timeπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜‡ you might want something different to read!  PERSONALITY MATTERS. Maintaining the Fire and Passion of Entrepreneurial Thinking.  At Amazon, Audible and ITunes, and Kindle.  Love to know what you think. 

12/13/18 07:56 PM #33    


Ray Valdez

Back home at Conchy Joe's and loving the photos thank You Bonnie,Bill and Jennifer good luck with your book

12/14/18 07:11 PM #34    


Jennifer Dennis (Munro)

Thank you Ray. Love your picture. Konkey Joes sounds like fun!  Where in the world is it??

12/17/18 08:15 AM #35    


Ray Valdez

Jennifer: Concey Joe's is in Jensen Beach mainland on ocean drive just north of the Jensen Beach Casueway.It's between Port Saint Lucie and Stuart Very friendley and a good place to eat. Its laid back,shorts Tshirt and flip flops.

12/18/18 12:17 PM #36    

James "Tom" Britton

Conchy Joes

12/18/18 05:50 PM #37    


Ray Valdez

Thanks James, Merry Christmas and Season's Greetings to all and to all a good New Year! any news about the western Reunion

12/19/18 08:31 AM #38    


Jennifer Dennis (Munro)

That makes more sense. Conchy Joe’s. Can’t believe I missed it all these years. Have to check it out. 

01/08/19 07:15 PM #39    


Ray Valdez

02/10/19 04:25 PM #40    


Vince "Vinny" Rusinak

This is an update to the Ormond Beach Roundup #4...March 14, 2019

We have had such a huge response (33 people so far) that we have had to find a different restaurant that could accommodate all of us in one area. Nancy Lundblom Blizzard, through her contacts, was able to book us into Aunt Catfish's on the River...my favorite restaurant in the Daytona Beach Area! The address of Aunt Catfish's is 4009 Halifax Drive, Port Orange, FL 32127. It's easy to find: take exit 256 on I-95 and then go east on Dunlawton Avenue for about four miles. It's right before the bridge that goes over the Halifax River...on the south side. Parking is a bit tight, but at 2:30 in the afternoon, it shouldn't be too difficult. If you can't find a place in the lot adjacent to the restaurant, they have an overflow parking lot to the north across Dunlawton Avenue. 

Reservations are at 2:30 and I hope they'll let us hang around until at least 5:30 or later. If you arrive early, they have a bar to help make the time go by. We'll order from the menu:  http://www.auntcatfishontheriver.com/menu.htm . I recommend the Early Birds & Senior Menu, but you can't go wrong with anything they offer. If you get a meal that includes the Salad Buffet and/or the Fish Camp Fixin' Bar, I guarantee you will not go away hungry! smiley

Here is a list of those who have told us they are coming (the letter after 64 is the JHS attended):

  • Jack Krouskroup (64-F)… Ormond Beach, FL
  • Nancy (Berthiaume) Rusinak (64-PS) and Vince “Vinny” Rusinak (64-F)…Colorado Springs, CO
  • Hershal Meizius (64-O)…Ocala, FL
  • Lynnette Philips (64-MS)…New Smyrna Beach, FL
  • Gary Licko (64-MS) & Carol Licko… Deland, FL
  • Jack Dulin (64-MS)…Palatka, FL
  • Joe Spence (64-MS) & Diane Spence…Melbourne, FL
  • Jim Coole (64-W) & Karen Coole…Lake Mary, FL
  • Lynn Anderson Dewhurst (64-MS) & Jack Dewhurst (65)…St. Augustine, FL
  • Gene Baker (64-F) & Shirly Baker…Jacksonville, FL
  • Nancy Lundblom Blizzard (64-W) and Tim Blizzard (65-MS)…Port Orange, FL
  • Bonnie Hall (64-W)…Orcutt, CA
  • Lamarr Wade (64-O) & Jenny Wade…Gainesville, FL
  • Brenda (Becker-F) Egles (64) & Tom Egles (69)…Live Oak, FL
  • Ray Valdez (64-F)...Port St Lucie, FL
  • Barbara (Grey) Fry (64-F) & John Fry…St. Cloud, FL
  • Mary (Botner) Speir-Kennedy (64-MS) & Mary Speir-Kennedy…Sherrills Ford, NC
  • Tom Goslin (64-MS) & Lynette (Strickland) Goslin (64-W)…Windermere, FL
  • Peggy (Herlong) Lowe (64-MS) & Bill Lowe (64-MS) & Flo Samuels...St. Augustine, FL

Let Jack Krouskroup know if you are planning on attending ("seetl1@aol.com" or call him on his cell at 954-494-0967). This list will also be on our Class Website in the "What's on your mind?" section. 

If you have any interest in setting up a Roundup in your neck of the woods...Atlanta, Tallahassee, Tampa or wherever, let me know and I get the word out. You just need a place, a date and a time...it's that easy!

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