What's on your mind?

What's on your mind

This is a place to post comments, photos, whatever...about growing up in the Hialeah Area...or anything else that is on your mind. In the past, we've been using our individual webpages for this purpose, but now we have a dedicated forum on our website. Please note that this forum is "not secure" and that comments you make are available to anyone that visits this website.   Vince "Vinny" Rusinak

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07/02/19 01:46 PM #170    


Larry King

Henry H. Filer Junior High School, June 10, 1960. My 9th grade prom.  It was in the school cafeteria.

07/03/19 10:48 AM #171    


Bill Coffeen

Cafeteria is a good space ... at HHS we had dances in the Cafeteria

07/03/19 12:21 PM #172    


James Ward

God speed Mr. Mandell he was a great teacher of 8 th grade history.

07/03/19 04:33 PM #173    

Melvin "Jack" Krouskroup

Mr. Mandell's sponge ball test......You better catch it. I would say one of 'My" all time favorite teachers

07/04/19 08:24 AM #174    


Ray Valdez


To all classes of HHS Happy Fourth.

07/05/19 07:35 AM #175    

Bruce Nierenberg



We are all fortunate to have lived in a country as great as the USA. In my travels I always automatically compare life I see in other places and have not found any better that the good old Red White and Blue.

Talk about silly flash backs.....I was day dreaming the other day and had a flash back to when we were in school and it became cool to wear "Bass Weejun" loafers.....without socks. I can rememebr it drove the school admin crazy as it was certinaly a typical baby boomer type thing to do and they couldnt figure out how to "attack the problem"  as if there was one. I even recollect that some students actualy got in troube for doing this. Homer Wills name pops up for me.Happy holiday to you all.





07/06/19 07:28 PM #176    


Richard "Tr" Anderson

Loved my Weejuns and had a whole drawer full of "gold cup" socks!!

07/06/19 09:32 PM #177    


Ray Valdez

Join us at Shucker's on Hutchinson Island August 21th Wednesday at "High Noon" for Mini Reunion Lunchion All Classes of the 60ties. Welcomed  Call Ray Valdez 772 284 9231 for head count.

07/15/19 10:17 PM #178    


Larry King

We all remember Pizza Palace. If you couldn’t stay you could just cruise through. 

07/16/19 04:33 PM #179    


Richard "Tr" Anderson

You are correct Larry. The  absolute place to be on Friday and/or Saturday nights.

07/17/19 11:27 AM #180    


Vince "Vinny" Rusinak

I found an old HHS football program you might enjoy looking through. It was our Homecoming Game...HHS vs Miami Jackson. Photos of the game and the final score crying can be found in our yearbook. The entire program is located on the left side of our Home Page. Click on "Senior Year Football Program" and then on the link. It's in PDF format so you'll need a PDF reader to see it. We only had seven players over 200 lbs back then...and three of them probably had a chocolate shake or two the day they weighted just to be listed as 200 lbs! On many of today's high school football teams, I would imagine you'd only find seven players under 200 lbs!

07/17/19 03:10 PM #181    

Melvin "Jack" Krouskroup

The HHS football players may have been on the smalish side relative to other schools but when my buddy Gene Baker and I looked @ the players on the HHS squad we were even smaller!!! I think I was 118 Lbs then, and while Gene was tall he was way thin. Track was the answer, and we worked hard and did quite well.

Those were fun times.........Jack

07/17/19 08:40 PM #182    


Ray Valdez

Was that the game where Ted Hendricks in the end zone dropped the ball which would have won the game? It  didn't stop him from being a great defensive end for the canes

07/18/19 12:07 AM #183    


Ray Valdez

We had a good lunch at DiPiazzia's the food was great and the service fantastic, we are looking to next month Med August for next Mini Reunion Luncheon. We hope that you can join us .                                     Front row Vince Mancusi 63' Cathy Tufts 63',Arlene Welsh 63',Back row Ray Valdez 64',Tony McCullough 63',Joe Smith 63', Vera-Lee Coleman 63',Peter Claszea 63',Kathy Kuzan McCleary 63', Charlene Murphy Richards 62'

07/18/19 04:09 PM #184    

James Coole

I recall a memorable away football game between Hialeah and Miami Beach. My recollection is that Hialeah won the game. There was one remarkable play in the game. Miami High had the ball and was close to their end zone. Miami ran a play where the quarterback was to hand the ball off to a running back. As the handoff was taking place Ted H. was already in Miami’s backfield and stole the ball as the hand off was taking place. I think he scored on the play. 

07/18/19 06:19 PM #185    

Roy Jennings

Ray Valdez, I think that was against Southwest High. One of the few games that I was able to attend.

07/18/19 06:33 PM #186    

Gary Rompot

I remember a home game that the snap was Not Good! Bruce Sturrrrgis grabed The ball and drop kicked the ball for the extra point !!!

07/18/19 09:53 PM #187    


Ray Valdez

i'm sure that it was home game againt Miami Jackson I came from Jackson and hated Jackson. it realy dose not matter.Ted was great with the HHS, Caines, Colts and Raiders. I alway hope that he would play with the Dolphins.

07/21/19 12:54 PM #188    


Ray Valdez

       As you can see the turn out was not what we expected But those who did show Donna Lancour class of 63', Myra Cooley class 64' & Husband.I thank you for sharing your time wth me.We will be looking for the Luncheon in September.

07/27/19 11:22 AM #189    

Sandra DeHay (Meetre)

 Hialeah Senior High Calendar Girls of The 60’s present a Sock Hop. It will be August 16-17,2019 at Shula Hotel and Golf Club.  Saturday 7PM-11Pm Sock Hop and buffet dinner. Cost $95.00 per person this includes buffet and two drinks. It is a fund raising activities to help classmates who need financial help due to health issue.  You can contact Gary Snow 305-556-0511. If you can’t attend you can donate to HHS Cancer Fund 6837 Main Street Miami Lakes FL 34014. Also you can contact Dave Gergley for golf tee times and summer rates at 305-820-8097 



08/01/19 11:38 AM #190    


Sergio Siller

UPDATE (8-9-19):

Thanks to Ray Valdez and his “connections”, any HHS classmate joining us for the Destin Roundup 10-12 October   is being offered a lower rate of $139.00/night (plus $16 tax/night) at the Hampton Inn – Destin.  The rate is valid from 9-15 October for anyone who would like to extend their stay.

If you wish to book online directly, the following link has been provided:  https://hamptoninn.hilton.com/en/hp/groups/personalized/D/DSINEHX-GHC-20191009/index.jhtml?WT.mc_id=POG

I have checked out the link and was able to book our room, so it works.

Hotel info is:


Group Code:       GHC

Check-in:             09-OCT-2019

Check-out:           15-OCT-2020

Hotel Name:       Hampton Inn & Suites Destin

Hotel Address:   1625 Hwy 98 East 

                           Destin, Florida 32541

Phone Number:  850-654-2677

If you prefer to make reservations directly with the hotel, please call 850.654.2677 and provide the Front Desk Agent the Code: GHC. It will provide you with the discounted rate. For anyone that would like a room other than the standard, please reach out to Ms Wendy Valdez at wvaldez@mcneillhotels.com for rates.



Before we know it, Fall will be here and with it comes the great weather in the Florida Panhandle - in particular, the Destin area.  We are hoping to have another Roundup there this year, so please mark your calendars for Thursday-Saturday, 10-12 October 2019.  Those who were able to make it to Destin last fall made many lasting memories, as well as new friends and discovered new places to  dineand to visit, thanks to Pat Pierce's vast knowledge of the area as our HHS resident "native" and to  Bill Coffeen as one whose family has left a lasting legacy in the area - Lake Coffeen!. It’s still early, but we are looking into a place for a meet and greet for those planning to arrive Thursday evening and for restaurants for dinner on Friday/Saturday night.  We have someone working on local lodging recommendations and in particular, the Hampton Inn, Destin for a group rate there. We are also looking into other hotels in the area to recommend as well as events taking place that weekend.  We will provide that information once we have it, which we expect to be within the next week or so. 

If you are interested in joining us, have any questions or have any suggestions, please feel free to contact one of us.  We would also appreciate your letting us know as early possible so we may determine the group size for both the hotel and restaurants. 

Thanks, we look forward to hearing back from you and seeing you in Destin!  

Sergio Siller


Pat Pierce


08/02/19 01:37 PM #191    


Ray Valdez

       Destin Round - up group at Lake Coffeen 2018 these are our golden years don't waste time wishing and hoping. start doing come join us...

08/02/19 02:10 PM #192    


Sergio Siller

Thanks for posting Ray - it was a beautiful day and thanks to Bill Coffeen for making it a special visit!

08/02/19 03:17 PM #193    


Ray Valdez

No...Thank you for a chance to have a good time with classmate Old and New, we all have one thing in common "Hialeah" it's where we grow up.

08/03/19 10:49 PM #194    


Ray Valdez

 Join us at Shuckers on Hutchinson Island on August 21st for Mini Reunion Luncheon at 12:00 Noon I got this. 

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