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What's on your mind

This is a place to post comments, photos, whatever...about growing up in the Hialeah Area...or anything else that is on your mind. In the past, we've been using our individual webpages for this purpose, but now we have a dedicated forum on our website. Please note that this forum is "not secure" and that comments you make are available to anyone that visits this website.   Vince "Vinny" Rusinak

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10/07/19 05:39 PM #205    


Ray Valdez

                              The Men of HHS class of 1962 are a little out number.Photos by Ray

10/13/19 08:13 PM #206    


Ray Valdez

2019 Roundup Destin, FL (L-R): Sergio Siller HHS Class of '64; Jerrilyn "JB" Snyder Cobbs MSSH Class of '67 (Kathe's sister); Pat Pierce HHS Class of '64 and Kathe Snyder Richards HHS Class of '63, having dinner at the Marina Cafe


Sergio and Anne Siller


Kathe Snyder Richards HHS '63 and Jerrilyn "JB" Snyder Cobbs MSSH '67


Pat Pierce, Jo Ann McAlhaney Walker HHS Class of '64 with husband Jonnie Walker


After dinner on Saturday night at the "790 on the Gulf Restaurant" in Destin. The first two in front were two very nice "young" ladies from Louisiana who happened to photo-bomb themselves into our photo - we never did catch their names! Behind them are Brad Edwards, Maria Alicia Siller Edwards and Sergio Siller.  Behind Sergio is Pat Pierce and behind Pat (in the same shirt ???) is Ray Valdez who graciously took all the many great photographs during the Roundup.  To Ray's left are Gary Licko, HHS Class of '64 and his wife Carol; behind Ray is JoAnn McAlhaney Walker's husband Jonnie Walker (where in the world is JoAnn?). Just behind Johnnie is Jerrilyn Snyder Cobbs, MSHS Class of '67 with her husband Ray, Coral Gables High Class of '63. And last but not least, on the top row, is Mary Baker, Kathe Snyder Richards HHS Class of '63 and Mary's husband Gene Baker, friends of Kathe.


Photos by Ray Valdez



10/14/19 02:31 PM #207    


Nancy Lundblom (Blizzard)

Looks like a great time!  Sorry we couldn't make it.


10/16/19 03:02 PM #208    


Ray Valdez

2019 Roundup at the "790 on the Gulf Restaurant" Destin, FL

(From L-R) Melanie Snyder Johnson HHS Class of '61, Kathe Snyder Richards HHS Class of '63 and Pat Pierce HHS Class of '64


Brad Edwards, related to Anne and Sergio Siller only by marriage - LOL!  But he also happens to be a great young man!


Anne with Sergio Siller, HHS Class of '64, pretending he can read.

More Destin Round-Up with JoAnn McAlhaney Walker and her husband Jonnie

10/17/19 04:01 PM #209    


Vince "Vinny" Rusinak

Ray, great photos. Could you put the names of the folks either on each photo or at the bottom of the posting as well as the class they were in (I believe you had both '63 and '64 at this Roundup). Trying to figure out who that guy is in the group photo with the baseball hat and the great beard? Thanks!

10/18/19 06:55 AM #210    


Alice Lacedonia (Pace)

Thank you Ray, enjoyed seeing the photos.  Wish we could have attended. Too many things going on this year. Hope to be able to attend next year.  Also, looking forward the Roundup in March.  Hope we will be available to attend!!

10/18/19 02:15 PM #211    

Irene Owens (Phillips)

I would love to see the names that go with the photos, also.

10/20/19 06:20 AM #212    


Ray Valdez

      Val Soler, Linda Duckworth, Ray Valdez, Henry Kellar, Chuck Leon, Jeannie Andrew, John Anton.

10/20/19 06:30 AM #213    


Ray Valdez

                                                   Class of HHS 63' at "Quilt of Valor"

10/21/19 02:48 PM #214    


Alice Lacedonia (Pace)

Love the photo with american theme quilts.  Do you know who made them? 

10/21/19 07:40 PM #215    


Ray Valdez

Yes Jeannie Andrew and Linda Duckworth both Class of 63'

10/25/19 10:10 AM #216    


Ray Valdez

Thank you Sergio, great job with the names it does make the photos better,

10/25/19 12:17 PM #217    


Sergio Siller

More than happy to do it Ray. And thank you, Pat Pierce,  Kathe Snyder Richards (Class of '63) and your niece Wendy, for making the Round Up a fun time and memorable event. BTW, when you get a chance, could you post one of the photos you took of all the group with Joe & Diane Spence?  Thanks! And we were fortunate to have such great weather considering Tropical storm Nestor decided to go through a week later!

11/04/19 08:32 AM #218    


Melvin "Jack" Krouskroup

Ray as always thank you,

March is not that far away so make plans to attend the next (in March) reunion. I organize this around Vinny's March trip to Fla. The after dinner reunion was outstanding. A big thank you to Nancy for arranging the reunion at Aunt Catfish, the resturaunt can accomidate even more so make plans. My moto is " every opportunity missed is an opportunity lost" 

Thanks to Ray for all the photos.



11/06/19 07:54 AM #219    


Ray Valdez

Jack you can count me in on March.

11/08/19 04:45 PM #220    


Myra Kratochvil (Cooley)

Which location? Lunch or Dinner? What is the date?

11/08/19 08:10 PM #221    


Vince "Vinny" Rusinak

We don't have a date for the Ormond Beach Roundup, but it will most likely be in the February/March time frame. Jack Krouskroup has a great venue...early bird dinner...and then we stick around the restaurant until they ask us to leave. It's a one afternoon event. You can drive to it in the late morning/early afternoon and start home in the early evening, or if your drive is more than a few hours, you could plan on staying the night. You might only know one or two classmates before you attend one of these Roundups, but I guarantee you'll end up meeting many new classmates by the end of the day. And it's not just for classmates...spouses/significant others enjoy them as well!

11/09/19 12:38 PM #222    


Myra Kratochvil (Cooley)

Thank you!  I will keep watching for updates.

11/15/19 03:58 PM #223    


Ray Valdez

          The Colon's Left to Right John, Robert (D), Richard, Mercy, Charlie (D), and Toby(D)  (RIP)

11/17/19 05:51 PM #224    


Ray Valdez

To all of you Toni, Pat, Sergio, Arlene,Tom, Joe & Diane you all made my Day and I thank you

11/27/19 06:46 PM #225    


Ray Valdez

11/28/19 06:32 AM #226    


Ray Valdez

Stay strong Richard life sometime throws us a curve ball.....knock it out of the park. God bless you!

11/29/19 10:14 AM #227    


Bonnie Porth (Coffeen)

This is Bill Coffeen

i am spending the week in the San Destin area at the Mediterrana Condos on Miramar Beach, Florida ...

if you are in the area ... let's get together for Coffee or Lunch ...

call me ... 251-751-5702

Happy Holidays

Bill Coffeen

11/29/19 04:57 PM #228    


Richard "Tr" Anderson

Like many of you just found out about Rich Powell's set back. I've asked Vinny to report Rich's home address so we can flood his mail box with our well wishes for his speedy recovery!! Just a heads up and suggestion!

12/03/19 10:45 AM #229    


Vince "Vinny" Rusinak

To protect your privacy, I will only provide personal information to classmates and guests on this website...email addresses, phone numbers, home addresses, etc...that classmates allow me to provide. Richard did give me permission to provide his email address, which I did through a separate email, to our classmates and guests on this website, but not his home address. By the way, Richard said he has received many emails and appreciates our concern and support! Reconnecting with and supporting our classmates in times like this is what I believe our high school class website is all about...and it's working...thanks to all of us!

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