What's on your mind?

What's on your mind

This is a place to post comments, photos, whatever...about growing up in the Hialeah Area...or anything else that is on your mind. In the past, we've been using our individual webpages for this purpose, but now we have a dedicated forum on our website. Please note that this forum is "not secure" and that comments you make are available to anyone that visits this website.   Vince "Vinny" Rusinak

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02/03/21 04:56 PM #466    


Richard Powell

Got my second shot today at va clinic ,I said to the RN  who gave me the shot, well in 5 days the anti bodies will build up and I'll feel more protected now. RN says to me, no it takes three weeks , wow, I did not know that, and she also said keep that mask on when you go out and for sure if you are in a small group setting with family or friends, she also said the vaccine will nor stop you from getting the virus, but will help stop you from getting sick from the virus. I found her thoughts interesting and thoughtful.

02/04/21 01:22 PM #467    

Beverly "Fran" Tish (Whitaker)

Interesting facts. The more we know, the better we can protect ourselves. We're not scheduled till the first of March.

02/04/21 06:55 PM #468    


Paul Stokes

Happy to say that wife Carol and I have had our first shot and are scheduled for our second on February 15.  We are here in Austin, where the vax program is lagging, but in San Antonio it is not.  One does not have to be an SA resident to register for its program. So, we drove the 90 minutes south on I-35 to the Alamobowl for our scheduled appointment. The process went as smooth as silk, and no after-effects.  After the second shot, we are told, a day or two of flu-like symptoms after the injection are not uncommon.

02/04/21 10:58 PM #469    


Nancy Lundblom (Blizzard)

We get our second shot February 15.  My doctor told me you can still get covid after you've had the shots, but but you won't get as sick.  Whether or not you can infect someone else is uncertain, therefore you should continue to wear a mask.

02/05/21 04:29 PM #470    


James Ward

Had second shot Wednesday morning no after effects 

02/05/21 05:27 PM #471    


Ted Mack

Which vaccine did you get James?

02/05/21 06:41 PM #472    


James Ward


02/06/21 10:10 AM #473    


Toni Canonico (Nasco)

Vinny, thank you for posting the “5 Reasons to Continue Wearing a Mask”. Good information!!

02/06/21 03:58 PM #474    


Patricia Hermansader (Brandt)

Got our first shot of Moderna yesterday. So far so good! 

02/09/21 10:32 PM #475    


Vince "Vinny" Rusinak

Let’s get serious....sort of.

During an email thread with Mike Wills, one of Filers very best, I mentioned something about reading the comics every day. Mike called them “Funnies.” I was trying to be politically correct, but he was right on...yes, they were in our time called the Funnies...and I still think of them that way. Mike said he reads them first...like the main course. I read them last...like dessert.  It used to be the Funnies only came in color on Sundays, but in our area the Funnies now come in color every day! Nirvana!

I like almost all of the Funnies, but here are my favorites:

Dennis the Menace: Yep. 

Baby Blues: Raising kids

Zits: Parenting a boy

Luann: Parenting a girl

Pickles: Growing old together.

Baldo: The sameness of growing up in different cultures.

Crankshaft: Yep. 

The Funnies that are not published in our area and that I miss:

For Better or Worse

Hi and Lois


Does anyone else still enjoy reading the “Funnies” like Mike and I do?

02/10/21 11:49 AM #476    


Helen Komarmy (Routte)

Funnies are my dessert also.
When we were young my Father would save them for after dinner. He would let us read them to him. Reading Funnies is one of the best memories from my childhood.

02/10/21 04:35 PM #477    


Jeffrey Rowe

Love Pickles.  My wife and I swear someone is listening in our windows and then drawing that strip


02/10/21 05:18 PM #478    


Steve Jenkins

The Funnies are our favorite part of the newspaper. We always save our best one for last, it's Pickles.

02/10/21 08:13 PM #479    


Michael Wills

Just so's you know - this came as an offshoot of discussing newspaper searches with Vinny, namely Obits of our many lost friends & somehow degraded into the Sunday Funnies. That being said, I personally miss Calvin & Hobbes as Bill Watterson decided to quit the daily grind. Also, Curtis - having been dropped by the Ocala paper. But, above all - we all know Gary Larson - The Far Side. You just cannot do any better than this man's humor..... & rumor is that he's still got more to come..... 

02/11/21 02:37 PM #480    


Bill Coffeen

Gezz ... I have not read the funnies for years ... loved them ... Lil Abner ... etc

The newspapers have gone down the drain and I dont take them ... get news off my IPad or Phone ... no funnies ... Bummer

Leaving my Mountain retreat on the 20th after getting my 2nd shot ... the Moderna shot

Heading to see my recently completed home in Florida ... over a year to build ...

I will be close to TR and others near Destin Florida

and Mike I am building another Summer home not too far from you ...

the best to everyone


Mark Twain said ...

If you don't read the newspaper, you're uniformed.

if you read the newspaper, you're mis-informed.

02/11/21 02:44 PM #481    


Michael Wills

Bill:  Is Destin that little strip of land that's almost an island - the one with the hurricane target on it?

02/12/21 08:49 AM #482    


Bill Coffeen

Mike ... I am north of the Bay ... might help some in a hurricane ... but also building my 2 bedroom mountain cottage ... a few thousand feet above sea level might help  ... and I don't have to worry about the rising sea levels from global warming ...

ready to share a hamburger and French fries with our favorite topping ...

02/13/21 03:07 PM #483    


Richard "Tr" Anderson

Mike, Pat Pierce resides in Destin.


03/01/21 11:56 PM #484    


Bill Coffeen

TR Anderson passed away this morning. He will be buried in Florida at Bushnell (Florida National Cemetery).

His wife called me this afternoon. I Hope to get more details soon.


Richard was my childhood friend ... we played organized baseball together at Benny Babcock Park where our team was Park champions and Hialeah City Champions. We were also in the Boy Scouts together where we were young Eagle Scouts along with David Shtopshire. We were always together as teenagers. 

When I moved down south I reconnected with Richard ... he must have picked up the TR name in the military... he was always Richard to me. Richard was a good human being and I will miss him. He was my good friend.

To his wife and family ... I am sorry for your loss !


Bill Coffeen

03/02/21 06:56 AM #485    

Linda Miller (Barr)

I'm so very sorry to hear of Richard's passing. He will be remembered as a kind man, who served our country. My condolences to his family🙏

03/03/21 12:56 PM #486    


Nancy Lundblom (Blizzard)

I am shocked and saddened to hear of Richard's passing.  We stayed in touch on Facebook until I left it in January, and I can't believe he is gone!  Richard was a lovely person; kind, good hearted, and very proud of his military service.  Rest in Peace, Dear Friend.  You will be missed by many.  

03/05/21 11:45 AM #487    


James Ward

I just drove by H.H.Filer and noticed they have a Panther Mascot on the school signage. Maybe I'm just getting old but I don't remember even having a mascot?

03/06/21 03:01 PM #488    

Sandra DeHay (Meetre)

I don't remember Filer having a mascot.

03/06/21 03:33 PM #489    


Larry King

Yep, you're just getting old. We were always the Panthers. LOL 😂 

03/06/21 05:29 PM #490    


Vince "Vinny" Rusinak

Yes, the Filer mascot is/was the Panthers...check out our 7th grade Student Council Handbook below/. Don't know how I found this, but I kept almost everything from back then. Maybe that explains why I retain about a bizillion emails in my inbox ...  

We didn't have cheerleaders or many students attending any of our sporting events in junior high school, so it really didn't matter if we had a school cheer or not. However if we had a cheer, this is how it might have sounded (WARNING, this could be scary to those that attended other junior high schools): 


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