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Kenneth "Kenny" Andrews

Kenneth Kenny Andrews


Deceased Classmate: Kenneth A. Andrews
Date Of Birth: February 19, 1946
Date Deceased: April 7, 1997
Age at Death: 50
Cause of Death: Heart Failure
City: New Orleans
State: LA

Provided by TR Anderson

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08/03/16 11:05 AM #1    

Richard "Tr" Anderson

Kenny Andrews was my best friend. We met during 10th grade english as it was a CCTV class and we sat next to each other. We became fast friends due to our outside  interest in cars. We also "pledged" Wheel Club as sophmores. We were super close throughout most of our three years of school and had many great times working on cars, and "double dating." We culmanated graduation by Ken, Mike Dunn, Bob Mullinax, and I all going to the Worlds Fair in New York. Ken was driving a 64 GTO at the time and we pooled our money to go. After graduation Ken initially went away to school and I remained in Hialeah. He soon returned and married. As time  went by we sadly saw less and less of one another. After I entered the military we pretty much lost contact until I came home prior to going to Viet Nam in January of 1968. Of course it was at the drag strip in Opalocka. Throughout my time in the military I often thought of the good times we had during school. When this site was initiated my interest in finding Ken  grew. Sadly I learned of his passing in a manner I would have never thought. I discovered our lives had taken a different path and it saddened me to know that two individuals who were so close during school could wind up in such different places. I am saddened I didn't put forth a better effort to find Ken as maybe I could have done something to rekindle such a close kinship. I really miss my friend but realize that he is now in a better place and is at peace. Take care my friend.




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