70th Birthday Photos & Video

Hi Everyone!

At the bottom of the page are some of the photos taken over the weekend in Sarasota and the comments  /000/5/4/7/31745/userfiles/file/70th%20Birthday%20Reunion%20Comments.pdf provided by classmates about the reunion. After seeing myself in the photos Bill Coffeen had graciously scanned from our yearbook and we had projected up on the screen, I now realize I would have needed a badge to identify myself after so long  I hope "all y'all" enjoy the photos!

Sergio Siller

P.S. - Far from being even an acceptable photographer, I now realize I should have kept that old Mamiyaflex double-reflex camera my dad gave me as a teenager. It can never be replaced by a phone or pocket camera!  I want to apologize to anyone who believes my photos were unflattering and made them look 70!   

Update (11-6-16): Please note that several new photos have been provided by Alice Lacedonia Pace and added to this Gallery. I have also added captions to each photo with names as best I knew.  I would appreciate any feedback with respect to missing names, typos or any required corrections.  Thank you for your help in making this site an enjoyable place to keep in touch with our fellow classmates and associated events!  

Update (11-7-16): I would like to thank Barbara and Mike Heffner for providing the additional photos which we posted last night and for which I will be adding  names  over the next few days . 

Update (11-8-16): And more photos from Nick Piesco...thank you Nick.

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