What's on your mind?

What's on your mind

This is a place to post comments, photos, whatever...about growing up in the Hialeah Area...or anything else that is on your mind. In the past, we've been using our individual webpages for this purpose, but now we have a dedicated forum on our website. Please note that this forum is "not secure" and that comments you make are available to anyone that visits this website.   Vince "Vinny" Rusinak

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08/21/21 12:15 PM #559    


Bill Coffeen

Please contact me if you are coming to the Atlanta Round Up ... I am helping Caryl ... I will be making the name tags ... I will keep the master list of classmates attending and post it on this page ...

1. Names of those attending

2. if you are coming to lunch

3. if you are coming to Carly's home afterwards

4. if you are staying over night at the hotel

Bill Coffeen

(251) 751-5702


The date is set ... October 28th  Time: 2:30. ... Mark your calendar

08/22/21 03:19 PM #560    


Alfred "Rocky" Moore


Thanks Bill,I plan on attending both activities with my wife. We live near the restaurant.





08/27/21 08:14 PM #561    


Vince "Vinny" Rusinak

Atlanta Roundup October 28th

Details for the the first, and hopefully to become the annual, North Georgia HHS Class of 1964 and 1963 Roundup, are now availaible. 

Main Course:

When: Thursday, October 28, 2021 

Where: Olde Blind Dog restaurant party room (holds 40-50 people), 12650 Crabapple Road, Milton, GA 

Time: From 2:30 pm until the restaurant manager tells us we have overstayed our welcome

Cost: Order off the menu; separate checks.

Dessert and Beverages Afterwards at Caryl/Artie Broaderick's Home Until ??:

Where: Caryl (Gardner) and Artie Broaderick's home which is 10 minutes away from the restaurant: Address to be provided later.

Cost: Caryl and Artie's treat!! Pretty good deal if you ask me, but no one asked!

Caryl's Contact Info: Call or text her at 727-433-2175 or her email is carylbroaderick@gmail.com

Hotel accommodations for those coming from afar and want to stay the night or more:

Where: Hampton Inn Alpharetta, GA; 16785 Old Morris Road; Alpharetta, GA; 678-393-0990. Be sure to mention you are part of the Hialeah High School Roundup and you will get the double room rate of $100/night. To get this rate for all the days you will be staying, YOU MUST make your reservations on or before Friday, the 8th of October

Space is limited at the restaurant so you will need to RSVP:

Bill Coffeen has agreed to help Caryl by taking reservations and keeping track of those who plan on attending. If you know or think you will be attending, call or text Bill at 251-751-5702 or email him at wgcbpc@comcast.net.  He will need the following Information from you:

a. Your name and the names of those  (classmate, spouse/significant other, other guest(s)) coming with you.

b. Whether you are coming just to the restaurant or to Caryl/Artie's home...or both.

c. If you are staying at the hotel.

You might think why come...that you will know no one and no one will know you that lives in this area. Remember, the Class of '64 had over 1200 students walk the halls during our 3 years at HHS? From the Ormond Beach Roundups, we found that we have all changed (for the better, of course). We have had careers we never thought we would have had back in high school. Many of us raised children...high school was a breeze compared to raising kids. We had, and some still have, careers doing all sorts of things. Of course, raising kids is a career in itself! We are different now, but to our classmates, they can still see our faces as we were in our yearbooks even though we "might" have changed a bit over the years. Caryl and Artie want to invite the HHS Class of '63 to join us. This is great because if you attend and see someone you think looks old, you can safely assume that they must be someone in the Class of '63.devil 

The May 2021 Ormond Beach Roundup had a record number of attendees...over 30. Covid was an issue back then, but many classmates, all of which I believe were vaccinated, accepted the risk and attended the Roundup. It will still be an issue this coming Roundup in Atlanta, but I would assume everyone attending this Roundup will be vaccinated, and maybe, by then, will have had their booster shots. Going anywhere these days has it's risks, but we can do our part to minimize them. I'm sure everyone that attends this Roundup, like the last one, will do their part to keep everyone safe!

Hope you can attend!

08/28/21 07:45 PM #562    


Jerry Sullivan

 Sad Day Today

I haven't been feeling well over the past week. Today was the worst day.. Short Breath, Dizzy, Coughing. Weakness. Diarrhea .. Was able to see my Doctor and had A Covid Test. Got the results in a half hour which showed Positive. Doctor told me I got the Variant ..He Told me if I hadn't gotten both shots I would be Dead........I've used Safety measurers so thinking where I may have got this is when I went to the Dentist ....I'm going to call them and let them know they may have a carrier....So with that being said I may not be on this as I have been. I do Love this site and everyone here. And I will Try to keep up... Get Your Shots. They Work and Stay Safe......For everyone's safety I don't think I will be coming.    Enjoy\

08/29/21 10:24 AM #563    


Bill Coffeen

Jerry ... you will be fine well before the Georgia Reunion and you will have immunity against the D variant. Look forward to seeing you in October.  Bill

08/29/21 03:06 PM #564    


Bill Coffeen

Georgia Roundup

I am planning a slide show that will include.

1. Classmate and Club pictures from the 64 Year Book

2. Do you remember pictures

3. Pictures right ofter High School (Wedding, Military, First Job, College, First Job)


Send your pictures like this and I will add to "Our Show" !!!

Send to: wgcbpc@comcast.net

Bill Coffeen


08/29/21 04:20 PM #565    

Irene Owens (Phillips)

Jerry I am so sorry, it is a terrible thing. Even when we have the vaccines. Take care, thinking of you.

Irene Owens

08/30/21 06:26 AM #566    


Melvin "Jack" Krouskroup

Jerry, this makes you the "poster-boy" for every reason to get the shots. I felt like I won the lottery when my name came up for the Publix vac.   

Get well and keep us posted Jack

08/30/21 04:43 PM #567    


Caryl Gardner (Broaderick)

Dear Jerry, I am so sorry that you have covid.  I have heard that the best defense against covid is the immunity a person has if they have had it.  I am praying that you feel better y and that you feel comfortable about coming to the roundup.  I can honestly say you were one of the people I was most looking forward to seeing 😊🐴😊🐴Caryl

08/30/21 09:30 PM #568    


Jerry Sullivan

Thank you everyone for your kind comiit. Going to try my best for the Atlanta Round-up......

09/01/21 04:40 PM #569    


Bill Coffeen

For those coming to the Georgia roundup in October

If your spouse went to Hialeah High ... I need their name and year of graduation so I can find them in the year books ... I have all three 62, 63, 64


I am making name tags and putting high school picture of our classmate on the name tags


Bill Coffeen


09/02/21 12:52 PM #570    


Bill Coffeen












09/06/21 08:38 AM #571    


Paul Stokes

Thank you Caryl, Vinny, Bill and others for your faithful leadership of the HHS Class of 1964 and, in particular, your planning and preparation for the upcoming Roundup.

Unfortunately Carol and I will not be attending.  We have had plans for nearly a year to travel out West and the Roundup date falls squarely in the middle of them.  Those plans just have too many parts, including confirmed reservations, to change.

I hope we will be able to attend the next one.

Meanwhile, we had a lovely visit last Sunday with Suzie Bopp Lovette at her pretty home in Charlotte.  She is getting ready to move to St. Augustine, and one of her sons, Shawn, was there with his wife Lala, helping her sort-through and pack-up.  (Suzie makes a great peach cobbler!) 

Suzie, Carol, and I keep in touch via an on-line Bible Study on Sunday mornings.  (It is open to all.)

We will miss seeing everyone!  Let us know when you are ready to round-up in Austin. 





09/13/21 04:47 PM #572    


Nancy Lundblom (Blizzard)

We made our reservations for the Round-up today, and I am looking forward to seeing some new "old" faces I haven"t seen in years!  I've attended the ones in Ormond and Port Orange and we always have a great time and I'm sure this one will be the same.  Thank you Caryl and Bill for putting this ts ogether, and to Artie and Caryl for opening their home up to all of us!  Thanks to Vinny and Nancy also, for keeping this website active so that we may all reconnect.

Paul, if you want one in Austin, just get it going and we"ll be there!  I think it's a testament to our good times at Hialeah that so many people are willing to travel to places like Miami, Ormond Beach, Destin and now to Atlanta, just to see old friends.  I'm sure a visit to Austin would be great now that we're all retired.


09/13/21 04:49 PM #573    


Nancy Lundblom (Blizzard)

Obviously, typing wasn't one of my better subjects at Hialeah...

09/14/21 04:24 PM #574    


Genevieve "Dev" Perkis (Steffen)

Hi '64 TBreds!  Sure wish I could attend. Sounds like it's going to be an awesome time getting together with the great Class of '64!  I will be traveling for the dates so will miss it this year. Hopefully for next year I can make it as it seems more and more classmates want to get together. 

Have FUN!!!

09/15/21 09:01 AM #575    

John Givens

Please sign me and my wife (John and Donna Givens) up for the Atlanta Roundup.  Due to prior commitments we will only stay for a few hours at the restaurant but looking forward to the time we will have.  

10/09/21 04:06 PM #576    


Nancy Lundblom (Blizzard)

I'm so excited to see the great turn out for the Georgia Round-Up!!  I dislocated my shoulder 3 weeks ago and will see the doctor tomorrow to see if surgery is required.  I am hoping it won't interfere with our attendance, as I am looking forward to seeing everyone.  By the way, Bill, Tim & I will be staying at the hotel and already have our reservations.

10/09/21 06:55 PM #577    


Toni Canonico (Nasco)

So sorry about your shoulder, Nancy!!!💔

10/10/21 09:28 AM #578    


Bill Coffeen

Toni ... get on a plane ... I will pick you up at the airport ... it would be nice if you still got $10 passes !




10/12/21 02:02 PM #579    


Nancy Lundblom (Blizzard)

Thank you for the well wishes, Toni.  Saw the doctor yesterday and no surgery required, although I still have to stay in a sling for the next week, and start physical therapy on Monday.  Doctor says I will be good to go for the Round-up!  I agree with Bill and wish you could attend.  It's always a treat to see your smiling face.


10/12/21 02:51 PM #580    


Caryl Gardner (Broaderick)

Hi Nancy,  So thankful you don't need surgery!!! Can't wait to see you both❤️❤️❤️Caryl

10/13/21 09:39 AM #581    

Donna Thacker (Baro)

So glad you won't need surgery Nancy.  

10/13/21 06:59 PM #582    


Bill Coffeen

  HHS Class of 1964 Georgia Round Up 
     Name  Lunch Caryl's House Hotel
1 Pam Barnette Pittman (64) 1 1 1
2 Alan Baro & Kathleen 2 2 0
3 Paula Behr (63) & Paul Dimbath 2 2 0
4 Beckey Brown (63) & Laddie Rollins (63) 2 0 0
5 Roger Browning (63) & Kathy 2 2 0
6 Greg Cabingess 1 0 0
7  "Bill" Coffeen (64) 1 1 1
8 William Cooke (64) & Gloria 2 2 0
9 Wally Duffy (63) and Dianne 2 2 0
10 Caryl Gardner (Broaderick) (64) & Artie 2 2 0
11 Pat Gispert (64) 1 1 0
12 John Givens (64) and Donna 2 0 0
13  Christina "Chris" Hanson (64) 1 0 0
14 Wayne Hulon (64) 2 2 0
15 Tommy Johnson 1 1 1
16 Larry Lee (64) & Cathy  2 2 0
17 Chuck Leon (63)      1 1 1
18 Gerry Litzinger (64) & Kaye 2 2 2
19 Terry Lucas and Diane 2 2 2
20 Nancy Lundblom (Blizzard) (64) & Tim (65) 2 2 0
21 JoAnn McAlhany (Walker) (64) & Jonnie 2 2 0
22 Alfred "Rocky" Moore (64) & Donna 2 2 0
23 Lynnette Phillips  (64) 1 1 1
24 John Rabreau (64) & Wanda        2 2 0
25 Chris Riley (Leff) (64)& Jack   2 2 0
26 Jeffrey (Jeff) Rowe & Pamela 2 2 0
27 Sergio Siller (64) & Anne 2 2 2
28 Donnie Simmons (63) & Guest 2 2 0
29 Ben Spotts (63) & Doria 2 2 0
30 Jerry Sullivan (64) & Joyce  2 2 0
31 Donna Thacker (64)  1 1 0
32 Frank Tricoli &  1 1 0
33 Jim Voyles (63) and Penny 2 2 2
34 Pam Wolters (65) and Doug Taylor 1 1 0
     57 51 13

10/18/21 03:11 PM #583    


Bill Coffeen




We have outgrown the original Restaurant.

We have moved our lunch event to:


Houck's Grille

10930 Crabapple Road

Roswell, Ga 30075


All else is the same ... spread the word.

Everything is under $20.00.

Free Tea and Soft Drinks


Bill Coffeen

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