What's on your mind?

What's on your mind

This is a place to post comments, photos, whatever...about growing up in the Hialeah Area...or anything else that is on your mind. In the past, we've been using our individual webpages for this purpose, but now we have a dedicated forum on our website. Please note that this forum is "not secure" and that comments you make are available to anyone that visits this website.   Vince "Vinny" Rusinak

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09/13/21 04:49 PM #573    


Nancy Lundblom (Blizzard)

Obviously, typing wasn't one of my better subjects at Hialeah...

09/14/21 04:24 PM #574    


Genevieve "Dev" Perkis (Steffen)

Hi '64 TBreds!  Sure wish I could attend. Sounds like it's going to be an awesome time getting together with the great Class of '64!  I will be traveling for the dates so will miss it this year. Hopefully for next year I can make it as it seems more and more classmates want to get together. 

Have FUN!!!

09/15/21 09:01 AM #575    

John Givens

Please sign me and my wife (John and Donna Givens) up for the Atlanta Roundup.  Due to prior commitments we will only stay for a few hours at the restaurant but looking forward to the time we will have.  

10/09/21 04:06 PM #576    


Nancy Lundblom (Blizzard)

I'm so excited to see the great turn out for the Georgia Round-Up!!  I dislocated my shoulder 3 weeks ago and will see the doctor tomorrow to see if surgery is required.  I am hoping it won't interfere with our attendance, as I am looking forward to seeing everyone.  By the way, Bill, Tim & I will be staying at the hotel and already have our reservations.

10/09/21 06:55 PM #577    


Toni Canonico (Nasco)

So sorry about your shoulder, Nancy!!!💔

10/10/21 09:28 AM #578    


Bill Coffeen

Toni ... get on a plane ... I will pick you up at the airport ... it would be nice if you still got $10 passes !




10/12/21 02:02 PM #579    


Nancy Lundblom (Blizzard)

Thank you for the well wishes, Toni.  Saw the doctor yesterday and no surgery required, although I still have to stay in a sling for the next week, and start physical therapy on Monday.  Doctor says I will be good to go for the Round-up!  I agree with Bill and wish you could attend.  It's always a treat to see your smiling face.


10/12/21 02:51 PM #580    


Caryl Gardner (Broaderick)

Hi Nancy,  So thankful you don't need surgery!!! Can't wait to see you both❤️❤️❤️Caryl

10/13/21 09:39 AM #581    

Donna Thacker (Baro)

So glad you won't need surgery Nancy.  

10/13/21 06:59 PM #582    


Bill Coffeen

  HHS Class of 1964 Georgia Round Up 
     Name  Lunch Caryl's House Hotel
1 Pam Barnette Pittman (64) 1 1 1
2 Alan Baro & Kathleen 2 2 0
3 Paula Behr (63) & Paul Dimbath 2 2 0
4 Beckey Brown (63) & Laddie Rollins (63) 2 0 0
5 Roger Browning (63) & Kathy 2 2 0
6 Greg Cabingess 1 0 0
7  "Bill" Coffeen (64) 1 1 1
8 William Cooke (64) & Gloria 2 2 0
9 Wally Duffy (63) and Dianne 2 2 0
10 Caryl Gardner (Broaderick) (64) & Artie 2 2 0
11 Pat Gispert (64) 1 1 0
12 John Givens (64) and Donna 2 0 0
13  Christina "Chris" Hanson (64) 1 0 0
14 Wayne Hulon (64) 2 2 0
15 Tommy Johnson 1 1 1
16 Larry Lee (64) & Cathy  2 2 0
17 Chuck Leon (63)      1 1 1
18 Gerry Litzinger (64) & Kaye 2 2 2
19 Terry Lucas and Diane 2 2 2
20 Nancy Lundblom (Blizzard) (64) & Tim (65) 2 2 0
21 JoAnn McAlhany (Walker) (64) & Jonnie 2 2 0
22 Alfred "Rocky" Moore (64) & Donna 2 2 0
23 Lynnette Phillips  (64) 1 1 1
24 John Rabreau (64) & Wanda        2 2 0
25 Chris Riley (Leff) (64)& Jack   2 2 0
26 Jeffrey (Jeff) Rowe & Pamela 2 2 0
27 Sergio Siller (64) & Anne 2 2 2
28 Donnie Simmons (63) & Guest 2 2 0
29 Ben Spotts (63) & Doria 2 2 0
30 Jerry Sullivan (64) & Joyce  2 2 0
31 Donna Thacker (64)  1 1 0
32 Frank Tricoli &  1 1 0
33 Jim Voyles (63) and Penny 2 2 2
34 Pam Wolters (65) and Doug Taylor 1 1 0
     57 51 13

10/23/21 09:21 PM #583    


Alfred "Rocky" Moore

Unfortunately I must cancel the post luncheon celebration at Caryl's house.  My daughter is flying in for weekend visit arriving early evening.  I still plan on making the luncheon at Houch's.  Sorry for the last minute cancellaiton.

10/25/21 07:15 PM #584    


Toni Canonico (Nasco)

Bill, thank you for the Airport Pickup offer! Best “pickup offer” I’ve had in a lonnnng time! LOL!! Unfortunately I am unable to attend the “peachy” gathering due to a previous commitment...my neighbor and I have had conflicting Andrea  Bocelli tickets since early this summer! (I know! I know! You guys will be much more fun! :-) ) But I’ll be staying tuned for the next “Hugfest”!! Hugs and blessings to all of our Classmates...and don’t forget to have one...or 7 :-)  for me!! Toni





10/27/21 04:06 PM #585    


Melvin "Jack" Krouskroup

Congrats to the Georgia organizers.........Looks like you have made the first step toward a annual event. To all the Ga. attendees ENJOY the reunion. We now have 2 locations......A few new Round-ups, probably in the central US and the west could really allow us tto generate a registry of old (don't read OLD) friends, it's easy, just use this format. 

The Ormond Beach 6th round-up, time and date is coming soon.   Jack

10/28/21 02:55 PM #586    


Pam Yorba (Sigband)

Hi Everyone!  You have no idea how badly I wanted to come to Atlanta, but I had a wedding scheduled on Friday and my annual Halloween party on Sunday....here on Balboa Island we get at least 2500 TrickerTreaters so it is quite insane. My son thought I could still do it all but I finally decided that it was too much of a stretch timewise coming from CA. Be assured that I will be thinking of you and wishing that I was there. Hugs to all..Come visit if you get to the West Coast. See you at the next get togetherheartPam Yorba (Sigband)

10/30/21 12:26 PM #587    


Vince "Vinny" Rusinak

The First Annual North Georgia Roundup took place last Thursday (October 28th)  and is in the books. For those fortunate enough to make this Roundup, now is the time to post the photos you took on our class website. To do so, go to the left side of our home page, scroll down and click on "Local Roundup Photos NEW, and then click on "Georgia Roundup 2021."  Upload as many photos as you would like to. Since a few of us have changed a bit since high school, and this Roundup included members from the class of '63 and other classes, and there were spouses and guests who attended but did not attend HHS, it would be helpful if you would use the editing feature on the website, either at the time of posting or later, to add the names of the people in each photo at the bottom of your photos. Looking forward to seeing the photos of this event.

10/30/21 07:41 PM #588    


Bill Coffeen

The 2021 Georgia Roundup was super ! 

Great Lunch! 

Great Party at Caryl's !


Great Time to Visit our Friends and Make New Friends !

Think you need to circle your calendar for next year ...





Georgia Roundup





10/31/21 10:12 AM #589    

James Voyles (HHS 1963)

My wife Penny and I just returned from the Classes of ‘63, ‘64 and ‘65 Georgia Roundup 2021 in Roswell, Georgia. What an experience! It was really great to see those of you who attended, and if this becomes an annual event I would strongly suggest that if you weren’t there you should make every effort to be a part of it in the future. Before we left Houck’s Grill we stood and sang the Hialeah High School Alma Mater, and I’ve been thinking of the qualities mentioned in that song that we all knew and sang so often almost sixty years ago. Honor, duty, loyalty and faithfulness might seem like corny, or even sappy emotions today, but for me at least, they really meant something, and had a strong impact on the way I thought, and still think, of our commitment to society. I don’t know if other schools made their students feel that there was something special about themselves and their school, but I think Hialeah High, in the early 60s, really did. What a great set of memories, not only about the “good old days” but for the opportunity to renew old friendships, and I want to thank Caryl and Art Broaderick for the generous offer of their house for the evening festivities, and Bill Coffeen for all his work in organizing nd providing nametags for us.  What a rush!

10/31/21 11:22 AM #590    


Donald "Donnie" Simmons (HHS 1963)

I couldn't agree more with what Jim Voyles wrote. I had a great time and was only disappointed in not seeing some that had signed up to come. Caryl
and Artie were the host and hostess with the mostest. Their hospitality was 1st class. OMG Caryl's coffee punch was to die for. I also just posted some photos from the Roundup on the page Vince provided. Can't wait for the next one.

11/02/21 01:53 PM #591    


Vince "Vinny" Rusinak

World Series Memorabilia.

 Baseball was definitely America’s game when we were growing up. During the baseball season all we needed was a ball, a bat...gloves were desired, but optional...and either someone’s back yard, or better yet a vacant lot, and there would be a ball game. Two captains were chosen...usually the oldest in the group. To choose the teams, and be fair about it, a bat was tossed to one of the captains who would try to grab the handle at just the right place as from that point it was alternating hand over hand to see who would end up with their hand covering the end of the bat...which gave that captain the all important first choice. You knew your value to the captains and their team by the order in which you were chosen. And, best yet back then, no matter your age or skill level, everyone got to play.

I think back then just about everyone followed professional baseball. We were into bubble gum that included the cards of one or more baseball players. We bought, chewed...and even blew bubbles...hoping to get a prized baseball card. We collected and traded them. When we finally became adults and left our nests, we left our cards and other valuable possessions behind...which were soon put in the trash by our clean-nick mothers. If only we had some, not even all of those cards today, we might be billionaires!

The point to all of this is that I have a program from the 1956 World Series (one of the epic World Series between the Yankees and Dodgers) that I would like to share. One of my uncles lived in Queens New York...near both Yankee Stadium and Ebbets Field... and was a die-hard baseball fan. He attended this World Series, and knowing I also loved the game, sent me his program. Evidently, back then they only produced one program that covered the entire series. Even if you never had an interest in baseball, I think you will enjoy flipping through this program. And if you were not aware, the winner of this year's World Series, which is between the Braves and Astros, will be decided either tonight or tomorrow night.  Who are you rooting for?


11/03/21 09:05 AM #592    

Paul Korry (HHS 1963)

Vinny, thanks for sharing your baseball memories & especially the copy of the World Series program, which I sent to another baseball fan, Val Sole in Miami Springs.  Great info but better memories. PK

11/03/21 01:22 PM #593    


James Ward

Love the ads cigarettes, cigars, beer and booze

11/05/21 11:11 AM #594    


Michael Wills

Vinny - here's a great Baseball one for you !



11/20/21 11:55 PM #595    


Vince "Vinny" Rusinak

Mike, that is a great video. It brings back more great memories.

I remember my dad taking me to Miami Springs Country Club where the professional baseball players held a golf tournament just before Spring training. Back then, we could get close to the players we admired...which were all of them. We were able to see Whitey Ford and Roger Maris and many others up close. And then there was Mickey Mantle...gosh, he had forearms the size of Popeye the sailor man!

In the video there was a short clip of someone playing stick ball. I spent a few summers in Queens NY visiting relatives where I actually played stick ball. We would set up a ball field on an inner city street with cars parked on both sides of the street. Home plate and second base were sewer covers. Fire hydrants on either side of the street were first and thrid bases. The bat was a broom stick and the ball was made of rubber wiith a hollow core and pink in color. Motorists understood the importance of the game and would wait until we finished our play before driving through.

There was a girl pitching in the video. Nancy Berthiaume Rusinak told me many times she was the primary pitcher for her neighborhood teams in the 50's and 60's. She claimed she could throw a fastball 95 mph. There was no radar back then to backup her claims, but you and I know no girl could possibly throw a ball faster than 90 mph back then...maybe today...but definitely not back then! 

Jackie Robinson was featured in the video. We started our Roundups in Ormond Beach (the Daytona Beach Area). From Wipikedia:  "Daytona Beach, and its stadium, was the first Florida city to allow Robinson to play during the 1946 season's spring training. Robinson had been signed to play for the Triple-A Montreal Royals who held spring training in Florida with Brooklyn Dodgers. Both Jacksonville and Sanford locked their stadiums to the Royals and forced the cancellation of scheduled exhibition games due to local ordinances which prohibited "mixed" athletics. Daytona Beach permitted the game, which was played on March 17, 1946. This contributed to Robinson breaking Major League Baseball's color barrier the following year when he joined the Dodgers. The refusal by Jacksonville, previously the Dodgers' spring training home, led the team to host spring training in Daytona in 1947 and build Dodgertown in Vero Beach for the 1948 season. A statue of Robinson is now located at the south entrance to the Daytona Beach's Jackie Robinson Ballpark."

The World Series were huge back in the 50's and 60's. I remember teachers who would sacrifice whatever gems of wisdom they planned on passing on those days to let us hear the play-by-play of the games. Yes, they also wanted to listen to those games as much as we did so the sacrifice was small...and I'm sure they hoped they would not get in trouble for doing so.  

My uncle in Queens NY took me to at least one baseballl game in the old Yankee Stadium and Ebbets Field. To those that lived there year-round, that was no big deal. For someone who lived in Hialeah, what a treat!

Yes, Those Were The Days: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y3KEhWTnWvE

11/21/21 12:31 PM #596    


Patricia Hermansader (Brandt)

Vinny, you and I must have been at the same golf tournament! My Dad (who played semi-pro baseball and was both an avid golfer and bowler) took me. I got Mickey Mantle's autograph as well as others that I can't remember just now. I had one of those small tablets with different colored pages and I was so excited. We also went to almost all of the original Miami Marlins baseball games since Aerodex (where my father worked) had box seats. I will never forget watching Satchel Paige pitch in his later years. Instead of sitting in the dugout between innings he had a lounger on the 1st base side so he didn't need to walk far to the pitcher's mound. We also went to most of HHS baseball games. Bucky Dent put a dent (LOL) in the hood of our car in the parking lot from a foul tip. I grew up on the baseball field following my Dad's various teams all over PA until we moved to Hialeah when I was 10. We rooted for the Dodgers in that 1956 World Series. Great memories.

11/21/21 08:42 PM #597    


Vince "Vinny" Rusinak

Pat, our Micky Mantle when I played baseball as a kid was Tommy Johnson. I still remember him hitting a home run at Bright Park that sailed over left field and through the basketball courts. I think the outfielder who tried to retrieve that ball gave up and came back...after some time...without the ball. Whoever was fortunate enough to have Tommy on his team during those years...would have a winning team! 



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