What's on your mind?

What's on your mind

This is a place to post comments, photos, whatever...about growing up in the Hialeah Area...or anything else that is on your mind. In the past, we've been using our individual webpages for this purpose, but now we have a dedicated forum on our website. Please note that this forum is "not secure" and that comments you make are available to anyone that visits this website.  

If you post a comment about a deceased classmate in this section, please also post one on the classmate's "In Memory" page. Your comments here get lost in the many other comments over time while whatever you post on a classmate's "In Memory" page can easily be found by our classmates and family members of the deceased. 

Vince "Vinny" Rusinak

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03/31/22 07:23 PM #603    


Vince "Vinny" Rusinak

Mike, Nancy and I were on our way back from Jacksonville the day that this picture was taken and saw the entrance sign for the TPC Sawgrass Country Club at Ponte Verde Fl. We wondered how close we could get to the clubhouse before they shoed us away. We drove up to their gate house and were sure the guard would inform us this club is for members only and to turn around. Surprisingly, he said "go right on in." So we got in the clubhouse and an official looking guy came straight at us: we thought this was when we would be told to leave. But no. The guy asked us if we'd like a tour of the clubhouse and the course. Imagine that.  And then after the clubhouse tour and being driven in a golf cart around the course, he took us to a picturesque point and asked if we'd like him to take a photo of us. So at the end of the tour I asked if there was a charge for the tour...he said no. I then asked if he accepted tips...he said no, but any contribution I would want to make would go to a military charity they sponsor. BTW, the Player's Golf Tounament that is held each spring at TPC Sawgrass allows veterans to attend one day free and even hosts a hospitality tent for all veterans and their guests. Pretty nice of them I would have to say. 

So Mike, would you believe that I took off my sombrero for the photo and had applied 1/4 inch of zinc/titanium sunscreen (what dermatologist recommend) all over me before going on the course?  Probably not, huh!


04/01/22 04:37 PM #604    


Ted Mack

LOL - I thought at the end of all that they would have hit you up for a membership Vinny. Wonder how much they are.

Speaking of veterans, I have had a loss of some hearing in my right ear ever since my Army days from firing a rifle  (never was offered ear plugs) and the tinnitis has been continuous. From a friend I learned I might be able to get  disability for it so I applied - luckily I still had the hearing test that they gave me upon discharge that showed the loss from then. I never qualified for veterans benefits before because I earned too much but after a few tests and some free hearing aids I was given 10% disability and now get full veterans benefits and $150 a month. Maybe some other veterans will see this and check to see what benefits they may be entitled to.

05/28/22 03:10 PM #605    


Jennifer Dennis (Munro)

Have you heard of Joe Navarro?  He is one of the FBI's top profilers. I have followed his career by reading all of his books on profiling and interrogation for the last 30 years. Profiling is a major component of my 40 year old business. With all of the attention I paid to him, I never knew he was a graduate of HHS. Class of 71. He escaped from Cuba in 1961 as did our very own Eric (Joe) Williams. We have a great history of exceptional achievers and heroes.  Navarro is another one. I hope you will read his books. They are riveting and useful and true. 

07/20/22 07:04 PM #606    


Vince "Vinny" Rusinak

The planning committee for the next Krouskroup Ormond Beach Roundup met at the Daytona Beach Bahama Breeze on Monday, July 18th. After over three house of discussion...most of it having nothing to do with the next Roundup...Jack tentatively decided that the next Roundup might be in the fall...this fall. Keep checking our website as you won't want to miss this one!

Nancy Lundblom Blizzard and Tim Blizzard ('65), Jack Kroskroup, Nancy Berthiaume Rusinak and Vince Rusinak

07/21/22 12:56 PM #607    

David Briggs

Vinny:  Thank you, and those who help you maintain, nurture, preserve and construct our site--you wonderful founders.  From my depths, thanks to your tireless, ceaseless, you have unselfishly have filled me up with the connections I've made with others and memories I cherish and treasure. Prayers and love to you, Nancy and family and to those of your editors team.  David Briggs 

07/21/22 04:57 PM #608    


James Ward


07/21/22 11:09 PM #609    


Vince "Vinny" Rusinak

Thanks David and James. Interestingly, someone recently found our website, clicked on Contact Us, and sent Nancy and me a message. It happened to be one of  Nancy's college roommates who also was a bridesmaid in our wedding...someone who we totally lost touch with. Somehow she found our names on our class website and got in touch with us. Do you have a story you'd like to share about how our class website has made it possible for you to reconnect with someone in the past you thought you'd never hear from again? We'd all like to hear about it.

07/22/22 07:29 AM #610    


Jennifer Dennis (Munro)

While there are numerous websites devoted to alumni, I have never seen one better, more thorough, easy to use and filled with cheer, as well as sharing of sadness at losing our friends, and so consistently updated as ours, thanks to Nancy and Vinny and all of you who take the time to share. I immediately go to any update I see in my email every morning.  Although we are scattered, we thoroughbreds still are connected in our hearts and minds, forever.  Thank you so much.  

07/22/22 11:35 AM #611    


Toni Canonico (Nasco)

Very well stated Jennifer... I'm sure we all agree and are equally filled with gratitude!!

09/01/22 12:36 PM #612    


Vince "Vinny" Rusinak

Jennifer and Toni...Nancy, Sergio and I thank you for your kind comments. We get great pleasure from seeing our classmates reconnecting...and sharing their stories on our class website. I too check out our website almost everyday hoping to see if something new has been posted. 

I'm sure everyone received an email about the latest photos posted by Nancy Lundblom Blizzard on last year's Georgia Roundup: many have surely already checked out the photos of our classmates. While we have the names of most of our classmates and spouses that attended this, and other Roundups, we don't have them all. If you can identify anyone in any of our Roundup photos...hey, maybe it is you...or you find the names posted are wrong or misspelled, you can either post it here or let me know (vince@rusinak.com) and I'll get it fixed.   

09/02/22 05:58 PM #613    


Toni Canonico (Nasco)

Altho I KNOW we all look exactly the same as we did at HHS....however, Kodak and/or our cell phones have a way of distorting some of these precious images!😡 Therefore, I am extremely grateful for the time and effort taken by those attending and capturing these images for posting the names!! For those of us who weren't able to be in attendance, please know that our hearts were there and we're so grateful for the photos!! :-)


09/20/22 07:50 PM #614    


Vince "Vinny" Rusinak



We had a celebration of life for Jack Krouskroup's wife Bonnie, who passed away the 8th of September. Jack and Bonnie, who Jack wisked away from her home in Vermont (willingly of course), were married 54 years, Left to right...Vince Rusinak ('64), Nancy Berthiaume Rusinak ('64) ,Jack Krouskroup ('64), Steve Boemler ('64) and Cathy Boemler. This was the first time in 50 years that Jack and Steve, who grew up together in the same neighborhood, and were fellow Filerites, reconnected. Jack had us all over to his home in Ormond Beach after our meal...what a great home Jack has!  Bonnie's obituary follows: https://baldwincremation.com/obituaries/bonnie-krouskroup/.

11/05/22 03:43 PM #615    


James Ward

Just got back from 2 week motorcycle trip to Northern California

11/06/22 07:46 PM #616    

Irene Owens (Phillips)

Happy Birthday

11/07/22 08:35 AM #617    

James Voyles (HHS 1963)

It's great to see that I'm not the only old far..., er, GEEZER still riding, James!  Here's a picture of  part of my current stable.  It's a 1975 Honda CB750 Cafe Racer that I built myself, a 1971 Triumph Tiger 650, and a 1983 Honda CB1100F.  I also have a 2007 Triumph Sprint 1050ST Sport tourer (my "modern" bike), a 1972 Honda CB450 Cafe Racer, and a small 250cc Chinese bike that looks like a Suzuki GSXR that I used this summer while I was recovering from back surgery! Ride on!!

11/07/22 10:53 AM #618    


Vince "Vinny" Rusinak

Jack Krouskroup asked me to put this on our website for him...

Classmates, this will be our 58th year since graduation.........YIKES! Does time really fly? In my opinion yes and no (how's that for a positive answer), so lets all gather in Ormond Beach if you can. I have had a great relationship with the River Grill, it's easy to find and just off I-95 @ US1 in Ormond Beach, that will be our gathering spot. 

Location is River Grille, 950 North Highway US1 Ormond Beach Fl. 32174, Thursday December 8, 2022 @ 4:00 (happy hour). This will be "Round-up" #7, 

I will need a head count for the restaurant so please send me an E-mail with your name and the # in your party, also include a contact phone # to seetl1@aol.com , my contact # is 954-494-0967 Last years surprise attendee was Buddy Mozo lets see who it might be this year's...could it be Steve Boemler?

Hope to see U there, Melvin (Jack) Krouskroup

11/08/22 08:28 AM #619    


Melvin "Jack" Krouskroup

And we can gather at my house for a after dinner party and carry on our conversations,  Jack

11/08/22 12:16 PM #620    


James Ward

Jim & Chris Ward put us on the list for get together #7

11/13/22 10:34 PM #621    


Melvin "Jack" Krouskroup

Florida has had the bad luck to be hit by 2 very destructive storms a few months apart. I've been watching local news reports from around Florida and the reports tell me that clean-up continues. I feel and Vinny agrees that it would be best to delay "Round-up #7" untill January or Febuary, this would allow classmates that suffered damage to complete their claims and move on with repairs. We want everyone who wants to attend.......attend.

After the "Round-up" I will host a party at my house, (I lost a few trees but no damage.....except to my wallet)

Watch this space,  Jack

11/19/22 05:52 PM #622    


Jack Taubin

Jack Taubin + 1, add us to the list please. 

11/21/22 06:17 AM #623    


Melvin "Jack" Krouskroup

Jack please send reservation to my E-mail seetl1@aol.com so I can print it off and add to "Round-up #7 file, please include your phone #


11/21/22 10:47 AM #624    

John Givens

Just set up a visit to New Smyna to meet up with some college buddies and head up to Ormond for the December roundup but now see it has been postponed.  Maybe next time.  You guys are doing a great job keeping us in touch.  The Atlanta round up was a lot of fun. 

Also, as I read some the bios I am so impressed with many of our graduates accomplishments.  Wow!  Who knew.


11/22/22 12:36 PM #625    


Melvin "Jack" Krouskroup

John give me a call 954-494-0967 we can get together Dec. 8th   Jack

11/23/22 09:55 AM #626    

John Givens

Jack, that is very nice of you.  I have since cancelled my trip to OB and plan to make it for the next roundup.  Hope to see you then.

11/24/22 09:49 PM #627    


Melvin "Jack" Krouskroup

OK see U then

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