Who is a HHS 1964 Classmate?

What qualifies a person to be a "Classmate" on the Hialeah High School’s Class of 1964 website?

Quite simply, any student who was enrolled at Hialeah High School at any time from the first day of 10th grade (September 1961) through 12th grade (graduation day June 6, 1964) is a member of the Class of 1964. If you were a member of our class you know our class was HUGE!!!! The current list of classmates in the website only includes those who attended at some point during our senior year. Today you will find 1192 classmate names…over 40 of whom unfortunately have passed away and are listed in our “In Memory” section. The list of classmates was compiled from three areas: those who were included in our graduation “Commencement Exercises” (I understand this only includes graduates who participated in the commencement exercises), those who had their photos in our yearbook, and those who were included in the “Index of Seniors and Their Activities” at the back of our yearbook. If you ever run into Toni Brown, the editor of our yearbook, thank her for accomplishing the herculean task of somehow keeping the names and events of a senior high school class, amounting to almost 1200 people… without Word, Excel, Outlook, Adobe or the Internet…straight! How did she do it?

What about those who may have a special relationship with a member or members of Hialeah High School's Class of 1964...can they obtain site privileges?

In addition to our classmates, we can include the names of people in our Classmate Profiles section who not only have been referred by one or more of our classmates but also have a special relationship to a member or members of our class. These people will come under the category of "Guest Members" and will be listed at the bottom of the Classmate Profiles page. After a Guest Member’s last name you will find, in parenthesis, the guest member’s relationship to the class, such as: (teacher), (coach), (deceased member spouse), (parent), (HHS ’65), etc. Guest Members will have the same site privileges when logged in as classmates.