HHS Classes of (62,63,65,66) Links

The four classes we had contact with during our three years at Hialeah High School include the classes of 1962, 1963, 1965 and 1966. Like our website, their websites all include a list of their classmates and other information specific to their particular class. If you would like to contact someone in one of these classes (you can see those who have registered on their website as they have a padlock next to their name) you will first need to contact the class website administrator for that class and ask if you can become a "Guest Member." The link to each of their websites follows:





Did you know that you can obtain copies (reproductions) of the 1962 and 1963 (and other) HHS Yearbooks?

In the1962 HHS yearbook, our class was "documented as attending HHS" by being included in group photos in our 10th grade English classes. In 11th grade, they took individual photos of us and included them in the 1963 HHS yearbook. If you were involved in sports, clubs, band or the many other activities we had at HHS, you might have had other photos of yourself in one or both of these yearbooks. If you want to obtain one of these yearbooks, Classmates.com has both of them (reproductions not the original) for sale on on their website (see the attached link): http://www.classmates.com/yearbooks/school/Hialeah-High-School/1499?cityId=355 . They offer the reproduced copies in soft cover and hard cover: Their soft cover is like a hard magazine cover while the hard cover is probably the soft cover glued to some type of stiff material (surely not the same quality as our original yearbook covers). The advertised cost is $80 for the soft cover and $100 for the hard cover (includes tax and shipping). If you order from them, be sure you ask for the $25 discount (it should pop up on the screen when you place an order). The quality of their "reproduced" yearbooks is very good. Here is what the 1962 Yearbook reproduction looks like: