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Deceased Classmate: Dora Martinez LaRue
Date Of Birth: December 6, 1946
Date Deceased: May 1985
Age at Death: 38
Cause of Death: Cancer
City: Miami
State: FL
Survived By: Husband, Cliff LaRue '64

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05/16/16 03:49 PM #1    

Mike Peters

Dora, like several others here on the In Memory section, was in our 8th grade advanced math class at Filer that basically stayed together through high school.  I remember her being a popular. petit, cute, energetic girl who was a good student.  I was surprised when I originally heard of her early passing.  I am sure that her family was devastated.  Rest in Peace.

05/18/16 01:50 PM #2    

Patricia Spivey (Zgodzinski)

I am so sorry to hear of Dora's passing . My prayers go to Cliff and her entire family. We became friends in Junior High and remained friendly through High School. She was a friendly and sweet person, with a warn personality. God bless you, Dora, may you rest in peace. ❤️❤️🙏🏻🙏🏻

05/19/16 11:04 AM #3    

David Briggs

Thanks to Vinny's sharp research skills, I was actually able to contact Cliff.  He and Dora are Tropical Knights commrades of ours'.  Since this super site was established, we got a real hunger to contact friends, and Dora was one of those at the top of our list.  My heart sunk to learn of her passing.  Being a recent cancer survivor myself, the question of "why me" arose.  Regardless, Cliff and I had a very nice, long talk.  He stated he and Dora share 17 wonderful years together.  I was heartened by those words. I remember her soft, melodic tones, as she sang so effortlessly to our audiences...a real performer.  It was as if she was born to do this, and as if she'd done it for many years.  She was ever-so proud of her family, coming from humble beginnings, she praised them openly.  Off stage she was one of the cutest, funniest ladies I've to this date ever known.  She was always genuine about you/us too...caring so profoundly about our well being.  I could go on, but am already "much moved".  I'll be forever grateful that I was in her world.  Again, and again, thank you Vinny, Nancy and all else for your untiring spirit to build this site for us, a perfect vehicle for the expressions we're all sending each other.


05/19/16 12:16 PM #4    

Sharon Facente (Hills)

I remember when Dora passed away. I think about her to this day and how I can hardly believe that she left us so soon. She and Cliff had a beautiful relationship. I spoke to him about 15 years ago and he was happily married again. I hope he's still doing well and is happy. Dora and I had so much fun in TKs. I loved our duet of "Sisters". We always roomed together when we traveled and the laughter never stopped. Once we did a USO type tour and my Mom was our chaperone. We were housed on a naval base once and stayed in a house with a moat around it. They gave us guards and my Mom asked the officer, "Who's going to protect the guards from these girls?" LOL So many wonderful memories we have of those times...bittersweet, without Dora to share them with.

05/19/16 06:12 PM #5    

David Briggs

I remember that trip like it was yesterday.  We guys stayed in a barracks on Ft. Story, VA.  I was Henry's valet. he wore a cape.  There was a trash can at the end of the open-bay barracks.  We couldn't believe our eye, thought it was loaded with soda, only to see 3.2 beer cans popping through the ice.  That was the begginning of a journey for me.  I remember doing a show at Little Creek, Navy enlisted man's club.  They had to use Marines to hold back the sailors until our ladies could get off stage and out the door.  They really loved our ladies' songs.  Dora, sitting on the stool, singing her heart out, as if she were singing to each sailor privately.  They loved her.  Loved Sharon too.What a family...much like our entire HHS family.


05/20/16 10:13 AM #6    

Jennifer Dennis (Munro)

I am sitting here thinking about those times and how funny Dora was and beautiful and cannot think of a single moment when she wasn't gracious and wonderful.  I also think of that trip and all of the things we tried to get away with and how we laughed.  I think the soldiers watching out for us were glad when we left because we kept them on their toes for sure.  Tropical Knights was a rascally bunch and we were egged on by our illustrious leader, the unique,BILL, Mr. Martinez?.   He is the first grown up that asked us to call him by his first name I think.  I bet there were not many groups like that around.  I cannot think of anything that ever surpassed those times.  I hope Dora had some smiles remembering too while she was ill.  Those are the kinds of memories that give some relief in tough times. I am quite certain Dora knew she was loved by all of us.  

05/21/16 11:23 AM #7    

David Briggs

Precious, pristine words, dear Jennifer.  You dancing always caused quite a stir as expressive and artistic.  I echo your sentiments for our dear Dora.  I'd say she was the backbone of our band of rascals.  Look at this, she still is, even without physically being here...we're reminiscing and coming together over memories of her.  My money's on she'd have it that way.

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