What's on your mind?

What's on your mind

This is a place to post comments, photos, whatever...about growing up in the Hialeah Area...or anything else that is on your mind. In the past, we've been using our individual webpages for this purpose, but now we have a dedicated forum on our website. Please note that this forum is "not secure" and that comments you make are available to anyone that visits this website.  

If you post a comment about a deceased classmate in this section, please also post one on the classmate's "In Memory" page. Your comments here get lost in the many other comments over time while whatever you post on a classmate's "In Memory" page can easily be found by our classmates and family members of the deceased. 

Vince "Vinny" Rusinak

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11/06/22 07:46 PM #616    

Irene Owens (Phillips)

Happy Birthday

11/07/22 08:35 AM #617    

James Voyles (HHS 1963)

It's great to see that I'm not the only old far..., er, GEEZER still riding, James!  Here's a picture of  part of my current stable.  It's a 1975 Honda CB750 Cafe Racer that I built myself, a 1971 Triumph Tiger 650, and a 1983 Honda CB1100F.  I also have a 2007 Triumph Sprint 1050ST Sport tourer (my "modern" bike), a 1972 Honda CB450 Cafe Racer, and a small 250cc Chinese bike that looks like a Suzuki GSXR that I used this summer while I was recovering from back surgery! Ride on!!

11/07/22 10:53 AM #618    


Vince "Vinny" Rusinak

Jack Krouskroup asked me to put this on our website for him...

Classmates, this will be our 58th year since graduation.........YIKES! Does time really fly? In my opinion yes and no (how's that for a positive answer), so lets all gather in Ormond Beach if you can. I have had a great relationship with the River Grill, it's easy to find and just off I-95 @ US1 in Ormond Beach, that will be our gathering spot. 

Location is River Grille, 950 North Highway US1 Ormond Beach Fl. 32174, Thursday December 8, 2022 @ 4:00 (happy hour). This will be "Round-up" #7, 

I will need a head count for the restaurant so please send me an E-mail with your name and the # in your party, also include a contact phone # to seetl1@aol.com , my contact # is 954-494-0967 Last years surprise attendee was Buddy Mozo lets see who it might be this year's...could it be Steve Boemler?

Hope to see U there, Melvin (Jack) Krouskroup

11/08/22 08:28 AM #619    


Melvin "Jack" Krouskroup

And we can gather at my house for a after dinner party and carry on our conversations,  Jack

11/08/22 12:16 PM #620    


James Ward

Jim & Chris Ward put us on the list for get together #7

11/13/22 10:34 PM #621    


Melvin "Jack" Krouskroup

Florida has had the bad luck to be hit by 2 very destructive storms a few months apart. I've been watching local news reports from around Florida and the reports tell me that clean-up continues. I feel and Vinny agrees that it would be best to delay "Round-up #7" untill January or Febuary, this would allow classmates that suffered damage to complete their claims and move on with repairs. We want everyone who wants to attend.......attend.

After the "Round-up" I will host a party at my house, (I lost a few trees but no damage.....except to my wallet)

Watch this space,  Jack

11/19/22 05:52 PM #622    


Jack Taubin

Jack Taubin + 1, add us to the list please. 

11/21/22 06:17 AM #623    


Melvin "Jack" Krouskroup

Jack please send reservation to my E-mail seetl1@aol.com so I can print it off and add to "Round-up #7 file, please include your phone #


11/21/22 10:47 AM #624    

John Givens

Just set up a visit to New Smyna to meet up with some college buddies and head up to Ormond for the December roundup but now see it has been postponed.  Maybe next time.  You guys are doing a great job keeping us in touch.  The Atlanta round up was a lot of fun. 

Also, as I read some the bios I am so impressed with many of our graduates accomplishments.  Wow!  Who knew.


11/22/22 12:36 PM #625    


Melvin "Jack" Krouskroup

John give me a call 954-494-0967 we can get together Dec. 8th   Jack

11/23/22 09:55 AM #626    

John Givens

Jack, that is very nice of you.  I have since cancelled my trip to OB and plan to make it for the next roundup.  Hope to see you then.

11/24/22 09:49 PM #627    


Melvin "Jack" Krouskroup

OK see U then

12/29/22 05:51 PM #628    


Vince "Vinny" Rusinak

Bill Miller provided this recent article from the Miami Herald about the future of the Hialeah Race Track (now called Hialeah Park)...and the flamingos that reside there:

"Homes and a school will be built in Hialeah Park. What does that mean for the landmark?" 



And as a bonus, how about the history of 49th Street, also from the Miami Herald:



12/31/22 08:28 AM #629    


James Ward

The video on the growth of 49 st. Left out our landmark Pizza Palace lol. Also the white belt dairy cows that were West of 12 Ave.

There was a Honda motorcycle shop next to the Citi Service gas station and drive thru liquor store on 12 Ave,that's where I got my motorcycle bug. I used to go there on my Vespa scooter on Saturday's when all the local Truimph, BSA and Norton guys were there and dream of riding a real motorcycle.

01/01/23 09:30 AM #630    


Paul Korry (HHS 1963)

Thanks for the link to the Hialeah Racetrack story. I never would've heard about cause the Class of '63 never mentioned it. It's a shame what the son of the owner's doing....guess he's money hungry. The racetrack should be a National Park. There's not a track that matches it on the East Coast. And being a true Thoroughbred, I know. PK, HHS '63.

01/02/23 05:52 AM #631    


Alice Lacedonia (Pace)

Does anyone have a photo of the Hialeah Pizza Palace?  I did a goggle search it showed the on SW 8 St, Miami, FL.  Mentioned the Hialeah location, but I couldn't find a photo.  For the longest time I have been trying to remember the name of the pizza place my family would get take out pizza.  I do remember it was south of the race track on East 4th Ave.   I also am sad by what is happening to Hialeah Race Track.  It's my opinion, the Miami areas does not have a strong preservation group.


01/02/23 12:15 PM #632    


Paul Yuhasz

Alice, Was it Patsy's Pizza?  Best bread sticks ever!

01/03/23 06:03 AM #633    


Alice Lacedonia (Pace)

'Paul, Patsy's Pizza doesn't ring a bell.  I guess it's possible I didn't know the name.  I was probably in my early teens or younger.  My mom would order a pizza to pick up.  She would drive and I would go in to pick it up. I remember it was a white building the name I believe was in red on the corner.  My memory thinks they made great pizza!  We never dined in the restuarant.  If it is the same place I wish I had.  Love garlic sticks.  Thank you for sharing.


01/03/23 08:42 AM #634    


Paul Korry (HHS 1963)

Patsy's Pizza served great Italian food but it was located on East 29th St. The Pizza Palace, a favorite high school hang-out, was located on West 49th Street. Larry King on the HHS '63 site probably can find a picture of the Palace.

01/03/23 01:38 PM #635    

Richard Lane


01/03/23 02:07 PM #636    


Patricia Spivey (Zgodzinski)

Hi, Alice. Pizza Palace was on 49th Street. It was a drive in. Park,and order,  if I remember correctly. Great place to,see and be seen. Met my first real steady guy there. Fun place, good food! 

01/03/23 05:37 PM #637    

Irene Owens (Phillips)

I thought maybe Villanovas

01/03/23 07:16 PM #638    


Larry King

For Alice Lacedonia, From Larry King  HHS 1963

01/03/23 09:51 PM #639    


Melvin "Jack" Krouskroup

Let me interject another great pizza eatery, Jimmy Setinbrino SP? his family owned a great Itallian restaurant on Palm Ave near Hialeah horse track. Jimmy used to deliver Italian bread usually still warm to my and many other houses, He was a real entrepreneur, and a friend.

01/03/23 10:36 PM #640    


Genevieve "Dev" Perkis (Steffen)

Hi all - in regards to the Pizza place it might have been Momma Mia Pizza which was on I think 41st Street  (or around that area) east of 4th Avenue. It was a little place but she had the best pizza.Went there a lot during Senior year 1964 as my friend lived on 41st Street.

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